Civil War Furniture and Upholstery Shop

Reclaimed and Reupholstered Antiques   Historically Accurate Recreations   Construction of Period Furniture

Our Company Philosophy

Our Products

We are a Green Company that  uses  locally sourced products, including wood milled in the local Tygart’s Valley area such as Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Oak, Chestnut, Popular or Pine.
We reclaim wood from furniture that is beyond repair and utilize upholstery that is era-appropriate. Our customers select what material and patterns we use on thier furniture. However we won’t use or put polyester on your antiques!

Our Furniture is Custom Made to your specifications  
Our handmade process makes your camp furniture unique and easily identified by using different material and wood combinations. We also make camp furniture sized for children. You just need to tell us what period you want to portray or display in your house and we will build to that period. If you do not see what you want just contact us and we will work with you to create your dream piece utilizing pictures, descriptions or sketches.

About Us: A family-owned furniture construction and antique restoration company run by active Civil War Reenactors with more than two decades of experience doing both Battle and Living History impressions.

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41 Union Street

Huttonsville,WV 26273

1-304-591-6272 WV Upholstery License # WV11175


Pricing on custom-built furniture is negotiable and will be agreed upon before construction on the product begins.


We will calculate shipping by the best method, taking into account cost, ease of access and the best method to preserve your furniture. We ship to the continental United States.


If you are unhappy with the quality of your custom made product we will work with you to correct the situation. Due to the high cost of furniture shipping, this may look different in each situation and so we have no blanket policy.